Eyeglass Collection

The Old Trails Lions Club has an ongoing activity where we collect used eyeglasses and eyeglass cases which are then refurbished and given to individuals with low vision and who cannot afford new eyeglasses on their own. Through your efforts of donation and The Fayette County Association for The Blind, many who have low vision due to diabetes or some other disease can now be assisted and in some cases regain most of their sight. We take for granted certain things like sight and when we don't have it anymore, find that our world is now crushed. For someone with low vision, it becomes a way of life and through your efforts we are sending the message that Lions are here to help.If you have eyeglasses or cases that you would like to donate, use the contact form and send us a message. You can drop them off at one of locations or we can meet you and pick them up.

Our Charities

◦ Leader Dog ◦ Leader Puppy ◦ Cancer Research ◦ Diabetes Research ◦ Beacon Lodge Camp ◦ District 14M Disaster Fund ◦ Fayette County Association for The Blind ◦ Laurel Highland Outdoor School ◦ Boy Scouts of America ◦ Peace Poster Program ◦ Lions International ◦ Lions of Pennsylvania ◦ Hearing Program ◦ Drug Awareness ◦ Eye Research